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Self Development Courses Mornington, Australia


Accelerating your personal growth for existing TM Meditators

Regular practise of the Transcendental Meditation technique is the foundation for greater success and happiness in life, greater self actualization. The self development courses below are designed to deepen your experience in meditation, increase your practical knowledge of Maharishi Ayurveda and Vedic Science, expand the growth of practical benefits in activity, and accelerate the development of higher states of consciousness to enlightenment.

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Personal Checking

Checking is a simple and comfortable procedure to ensure that you’re practising the Transcendental Meditation technique easily and comfortably. To set up an appointment to have your practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique checked, please call 0488 762 577. This service is offered free of charge for the first 4 months after instruction, and for a small fee of $59 after that. Regular free Group Checking sessions are available on a monthly basis. More About Personal Checking.

Advanced Lectures

Advanced Lectures, run by qualified teachers of the Transcendental Meditation program, feature videotapes of Maharishi’s lectures, book discussions, or special presentations on related Maharishi Vedic ScienceTM programs. To read more about upcoming Advanced Lectures, please view our Newsletter page and subscribe. When you sign up for our Email Newsletter Announcements you will receive information about upcoming special speakers and events.

Most meetings allow time for the teacher to answer questions about the knowledge, your experience in meditation, and its results in daily life. Free group checking of meditation is included. These meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month at 10 am in Mornington and weekly in Mornington.

Weekend Residence Courses, and Knowledge and Rejuvenation Days

Residence courses, or meditation retreats, provide an opportunity to gain even deeper rest from your meditation practice within just two or three days, and to return home profoundly refreshed and rejuvenated.

One Day options for practitioners of the TM Sidhi Progrm only are run every month in Hastings.

To find out more about our upcoming Day and Weekend Residence Courses, please view our
Calendar of Events page. More About Residence Courses

The Transcendental Meditation Program Refresher Course

The Refresher Course provides an opportunity to update your understanding and improve your experience of the Transcendental Meditation technique. This course is open to anyone who has already completed their instruction in TM and follows the same course structure as learning the TM Technique. Contact us for current details on costs and avaialbility.

The TM-Sidhi Program

The Transcendental Meditation-SidhiTM program cultures the ability to think and act from the most silent level of the mind – Transcendental Consciousness – and fulfil desires more spontaneously. More About The TM-Sidhi Program

Advanced Techniques

Advanced Techniques of the Transcendental Meditation program enhance and enrich the benefits of your daily meditation, hasten your growth to enlightenment, and bring more bliss into your daily activity. Advanced Techniques are available to anyone who has been regularly practising the Transcendental Meditation technique for more than two months. More About Advanced Techniques

For those interested in the development of consciousness

Two Special MVVT Consultations and a 16 lesson Higher States of Consciousness Course are available for practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation® technique:

Enlivening the 40 Aspects of Veda and the Vedic literature in the Physiology

The specialized components, organs and organ systems of the human physiology, including all the various parts of the nervous system, match the 40 branches of Veda and the Vedic Literature one-to-one, both in structure and function. This structure and function of Natural Law in its 40 aspects is also available in every cell of the body and within the DNA of every cell. Enlivening these aspects 40 aspects brings holistic integration in structure and function throughout the entire physiology, improving health and accelerating personal growth to higher state of consciousness.

Elimination of Pragyaparadh

Pragyaparadh is the mistake of the intellect which sees the parts of life – the limited expressions of the relative – as separate from Atma, the unbounded pure Self, the holistic value of life. The removal of Pragyaparadh brings back the memory of the Self to each level of the physiology, from gross to subtle.

According to Maharishi Vedic Science™, Pragyaparadh is the basis of the origin of all disease – it both predisposes one to lifestyle choices that undermine health and diminishes the expression of natural intelligence in the body. When Pragyaparadh is reversed, by contrast, it is the basis of all cure and vastly improves lifestyle choices, enabling higher states of consciousness to be enjoyed as an all-time reality. Health and state of mind improve, as well as the orderliness of individual thinking and action especially in people who are juggling many responsibilities.

Programs for TM-Sidhi Program practitioners

World Peace Assemblies and Creating Coherence Days

World Peace Assemblies offer the deepest possible rest in a weekend, sometimes longer, format for those who already practise the TM-Sidhi program. This program includes extended practise of the Transcendental Meditation program, current videotapes of Maharishi’s lectures, plus afternoon and evening meetings designed to enliven the Veda in the physiology of course participants.

Individuals gain a very profound rest in mind and body, a deepening of their experience of the Self, and enlivenment of inner bliss. Participants notice enriched experience in both their TM-Sidhi program practise and added benefits in their daily activity for several weeks after a weekend World Peace Assembly. They often report greater support of Nature for accomplishing desires and engaging in successful activity.

One day Creating Coherence Days for Sidhas are convenient but profound opportunities for similar benefits in a one day session. They are held once a month in Hastings to coincide with like programs around the country. Our Summer Course and Easter Courses give an opportunity for extended weekly or fortnightly courses.

To find out more about our upcoming Co-herence Days, please view our Newsletter page.

The TM-Sidhi Program Refresher Course

This Refresher Course provides an opportunity to update your understanding and experience of the TM-Sidhi program. Run by specific Teachers of the TM Sidhi Program over 2 days.

TM-Sidhi Checking

Allows you to come and sit with our TM-Sidhi teachers when they tour Melbourne and refresh all the aspects of this program, including answering any questions that may have come up while practising the program.

To find out more about dates of these events, please contact the centre.


Have a question? email us or phone the Mornington Centre during business hours on txt us on 0488 762577

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