Chronic Health Disorders

Relief from Chronic Pain and other Chronic Symptoms

Available 3-4 times a year, next available End October 2015

Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology™ enlivens the inner intelligence of the body to bring relief from a wide range of chronic health conditions.

Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology -MVVT- is a non-invasive technology that has brought relief to thousands suffering from chronic disorders, including people with arthritis, asthma, anxiety, back pain, depression, digestive problems, headache, and insomnia. All this by means of a gentle, non-invasive technology with no toxic side effects.

Enliven the Body’s Inner Intelligence

Maharishi explains that it is the body’s own inner intelligence that guides the proper functioning of a healthy physiology. When the connection with this inner intelligence is lost, symptoms of ill health begin to appear.

Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology utilises a refined impulse of Vedic sound, or Vedic vibration, to enliven the inner intelligence of the body and restore proper functioning. It is the longest established, most refined and effective form of sound therapy for improving health.

Scientific Research Studies

Show that:

  • Many people gain significant and lasting improvements, often within three days.
  • On average, they rated their level of relief as 45 percent improvement for chronic disorders lasting an average of 14 years.
  • “Instant relief” was reported by many people who were freed from their pain or symptoms within moments of beginning the program.
  • 2 out of 3 people reported 25% to 100% relief.
  • 100% relief was gained by 6% of the participants.

Results from the Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology program may vary among participants.

Why Medical Doctors Recommend It

lonsdorf_pic“I refer patients to this program because of the dramatic improvements it has produced in a number of my patients. I have been amazed to witness marked, sustained improvement in patients with longstanding chronic conditions, including anxiety, depression, eczema, constipation, and back pain.”
Nancy Lonsdorf, M.D., author of “A Woman’s Best Medicine”
“It was the fulfillment of my career as a doctor to see these results. There is nothing in modern medicine that can produce instantaneous relief of pain like this. This is the future of medicine.”
D. Edwards Smith, M.D., F.A.C.P., board-certified Rheumatologist

“If there is any defect in the body causing a disorder, this indicates that there is a mistake in the functioning of the underlying intelligence. Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology corrects this mistake by providing the proper vibration, a Vedic sound, from outside the body.”
Makoto Hasumura, M.D., Japan

belok_pic“The quantum mechanical understanding is that the elementary particles that make up matter can be viewed equally as solid particles or as waves. So everything, including our own bodies, is made of both particles and waves. And so, if the body is made of waves or vibrations, one could use another vibration to restructure an area of abnormality. It would be like having a tuning fork. When we hit one tuning fork and it starts vibrating, then another tuning fork set at a similar frequency also spontaneously starts to vibrate.”
Steele Belok, M.D., Clinical Instructor of Medicine at Harvard University Medical School

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