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August 2015 newsletter

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“Whatever we put our attention on will become stronger in our lives. ” – Maharishi
  • Group meditation and advanced meeting this Saturday
  • Women’s Health Seminar Sunday 26th July
  • Cooking Course Saturday October 3rd
  • India Tour- Oct 18th or 7th Nov Dep till Nov 16th
You have been looking for this knowledge, join our Ayurveda Women’s Health Seminar
Sunday 26th July 1.30-4.30pm
A very special opportunity to soak up a whole lot of knowledge and experience from our two women’s health experts. Sure to be a nourishing experience for women, mothers and daughters a like.Everyone welcome, this is a great opportunity to invite a friend to come along, and we will give you a discount if you do-see below.Ayurveda holds the secrets to happiness vitality and ageing gracefully. Learn how to use the most complete and natural system of healthcare throughout the many phases of a women’s life cycle.
Healthy approaches to menstruation, fertility, childbirth, motherhood, menopause and ageing gracefully.
The presenters:Plenty of opportunity to answer your specific questions.
Cost Early-bird prepaid price: $80
Bring a friend and receive a $10 discount.
Tickets at the door on the day: $90.
1.30 – 4.30pm 24 Serenity Way Mornington Vic 3931
Understand the unique nature you were born with and how to regain that body-type for perfect health and happiness.Find out a little more at
TO BOOK call the Centre on 0488762577 or thru our Meetup Women’s Health group or email
Group Meditation
Saturday 1st August at 10am in Mornington
Group meditation will be held on Saturday 1st August at 10am in Mornington- Mount Eliza is not available this month. Come and enjoy our full program of group meditation advanced knowledge meeting with a wonderful tape from Maharishi and lively discussion, then our group checking to tune up your TM technique.What’s inside radiates out, this is our experience and many people comment how enjoyable and powerful it is to meditate in a group -come do 20 minutes TM at Group Meditation this Saturday.

Afterwards join us at Blackbird Cafe, Mornington for lunch from 12noon.
There will be a Women’s Health Seminar on Ayurveda Sunday 26th do join us for amazing knowledge on all the phases of a women’s life plus enjoy the nourishing company of other women 🙂

All TM Meditators Welcome
When: 10 am Saturday 1st August
Where: 24 Serenity Way Mornington
Group Meditation Arrive for close of eyes by 10 am Next sessions
Saturday 5th September
Saturday 3rd october
Suzanne is available for personal checking for new meditators in their first 4 month after instruction, please call to make a time to have your TM fine tuned once a month 0488762577.
Ayurveda Cooking Class
Saturday, October 3, 2015
Each year I open my pantry and kitchen to cook about 10 dishes that will become staples in your home while i explain, demonstrate and answer your questions.Watch, ask, enjoy and feast!
We will prepare live in front of you a series of dishes that you can easily cook at home. Ayurveda teaches us how to make nutritious delicious food to satisfy every member of the family. Understand how to use spices, cook dahl, ghee, fabulous deserts and much more! After all the dishes are prepared we will sit down and share the delicious meal together.1.30pm to 5.30pm $60 per person.
24 Serenity Way Mornington. All welcome, so bring a friend.
Instruction in the TM-Sidhi Program (Citizens Invincibility Course – CIC)
Instruction in the TM-Sidhi Program (Citizens Invincibility Course – CIC) is taught in 3 weekend courses in each capital city around Australia.This is followed by a 2-week in-residence course from Wednesday 30 December 2015 to Wednesday 13 January 2016 at Sydney Conference and Training Centre in Ingleside NSW. We will be joined for that section by participants from New Zealand.

To register your interest or find out more please contact us:
Email or Phone (02) 9279 2721

Culturing the Ability to Think and Act from the Level of Pure ConsciousnessOur Transcendental Meditation practice allows the mind to settle down effortlessly and naturally to experience pure consciousness – the Self – the silent inner reservoir of creativity and intelligence that underlies all our mental activity. The TM-Sidhi program cultures the ability to think and act from that profound inner silence so that all our thoughts and actions are maximally powerful and effective.

In Maharishi’s words:
“If we have practised the TM-Sidhi program, then the conscious mind will always start thinking from that deepest level of the self-referral state of intelligence. And any thought that emerges consciously from there has the support of all the laws of nature. And any thought with the full support of natural law will always be fulfilled quickly without loss of time, without struggle and strife.”

The practice of the TM-Sidhi program optimises specific channels of mind-body coordination from this deepest level of consciousness. The most powerful aspect of this program is the Yogic Flying® technique. During the practice of the Yogic Flying® technique, brainwave synchrony is maximised as the body spontaneously springs forward in short hops. Internally, the experience is accompanied by feelings of exhilaration, expanded awareness, lightness and “bubbling bliss”.

Refer a friend to learn TM and receive a free health consult.
1. Your friend or family member will thank you for ever because TM is a profound life skill.2.You will gain practical knowledge tailored to your unique Ayurvedic-type. I will be delighted to spend an hour with you and give you a personal consultation in Maharishi Ayurveda, an individualised daily routine, diet and recommendations to regain balance, vitality and assist with any health issues you may be facing. Usual value $99. see
Call 0488762577 or bring them along to a TM Introductory Talk book in online via the website homepage, several sessions each week. Offer available for adult TM course fee only during July.
Instruction in Advanced Techniques of TM
3rd and 4th of August
“The purpose of Advanced Techniques is to take the experience to another, higher level. Advanced Techniques are like fertilisers; fertilisers bring better fruit to every tree.” Maharishi

Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation will be available on 6pm Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th August at Maharishi School in Reservoir. Due to the late notice they will not be available anywhere else in Melbourne , but it is worth the drive to get this great boost to your personal evolution and TM practice.

To book contact Reservoir directly on 03 9462 3661

Four Advanced Techniques are taught as a prerequisite for the TM-Sidhi Course.

Course Fee Adults: $1500
Concession: Full-time Students and Retired People $1000Discount applies for payment of four Advanced Techniques and the TM Sidhi Course when paid in advance. For details please enquire at the Centre.
India Tour-Oct 18th or 7th Nov Dep till Nov 16th
2 weeks Ayurvedic Spa and 2 weeks Meditation Retreat
Ever wanted to explore India but not keen to go alone?
Join our group for its third year returning to India.The meditation course location at our own Vastu built campus on private rural land, Bijauri, one of the three campuses at the centre or Brahmasthan of India, is a unique place to deeply experience this precious resource, the Maharishi Vedic Pandits, and dive deeply into a special routine using our technologies of consciousness, TM and the pundits recitation performance – for development of our own individual consciousness and for the welfare of the world. By attending courses at the Brahmasthan, you are directly supporting world peace and helping the campus expand. In addition, we are sure you will have such a profound experience here that you will carry the precious memories back with you when you return home.
Our trip is door to door with all airfares,local airfares, accommodation, meals and transfers included.
7-16th Nov meditation Retreat- 4 star accommodation in a large private suite with view is approx $1000 per week plus airfares.
Last year a group of 6 meditators was then joined by many others at Maharishi’s centre in central rural India where we spent 2 weeks on retreat and enjoyed this special times of year- Festival of lights, Deepali, celebrations and recitations of the Pundits.
Before and after we went on an adventure seeing the architecture ,history and story India has to tell.The perfect balance of outer and inner exploration which resulted in many deep experiences and personal shifts for those lucky to be on this course.This year I will be leading our group to indulge in 2 weeks of Ayurvedic Spa treatments then 2 weeks Meditation Retreat.You can join us for 2 or 4 weeks. Call Suzanne to place your expression of interest and for all details 0488762577.India Introduction Talk to explain the trip, costs , options and timeline in 2 weeks,Thursday 16th at 6.30-8pm,24 Serenity Way Mornington, register your interest please.

All welcome starts at 6.15pm with group meditation.

2 Weeks Ayurvedic Spa Treatments
Multiple treatments daily all tailored to your state of health.
Massages are generally given by two technicians, men massage men only, so that both sides of the body can be massaged at the same time for the most balancing effect.There are about 12 treatments that can be recommended to deliver effects for specific chronic or rejuvenating effects. Your stay includes recommendations, daily Ayurvedic Drs checking(the Spa Dr we will be visiting is the most popular in the Tm organisation and is owned by the Dr who was Maharishi’s own Dr and is world famous.)Herbal supplements and going home recommendations.The Spa accommodations are 3 star but very clean, friendly and comfortable and mainly used by Tm’ers.The food is specific to your condition and all vegetarian.
Cost approx $1000 per week all inclusive at Spa, plus airfares.
Ayurvedic MassageAyurvedic massage is more comprehensive than any other form of massage. Its purpose is to restore balance and revitalize the physiology. Stress, improper diet and lifestyle, and environmental influences can push our bodies out of their natural equilibrium. This lack of balance results in ill health and chronic disorders, and plays a significant part in the aging process.
The treatment programs offered at the Ayurveda Health Spa are designed to detoxify the body and eliminate the harmful effects of stress. Traditionally known as “Panchakarma”, these therapies remove impurities from deep within the tissues and channels of the physiology, allowing for a free flow of energy and intelligence.Published studies have shown that a 5-day Panchakarma program reduces levels of harmful fat-soluble environmental chemicals by 50%.
Marma Points and Symmetry

Marma is a Sanskrit word that means hidden, or secret. A marma point is a place on the body where two or more types of tissue meet. These points are more than just physical connecting points; they have an enlivening effect on the entire physiology. By massaging and “waking up” these marma points, Ayurvedic massage re-awakens the underlying intelligence that structures the physical body.

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Visit our Meetup and join us for updates or to book into events Ayurveda Cooking Class
Women’s Health seminar etc
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