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Welcome to Mornington and Ringwood Transcendental Meditation Centres for Women

Learn the secrets of business success, fulfilling personal relationships and happiness  from within. Peace is found in progress, the personal development techniques we offer will grant you unlimited growth to Enlightenment- the full potential of your human nervous system and birth right. It is our joy to pass onto you the wealth of  life changing techniques and knowledge our certified teachers hold. Knowledge that will dissolve years of fatigue and stress, we also know it is in the purity of this knowledge that its effectiveness is maintained.

From the Vedic tradition of knowledge the Transcendental Meditation Technique was brought to the west by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi more than 60 years ago. It is taught in a standardised 7 step TM Course.  By certified teachers with many years training and experience-hence it delivers what other techniques only talk about.

The benefits of meditation are now well established now but the research that has bought about that understanding has been largely carried out on the Transcendental Meditation Program-and not all meditations are the same!

We also offer you Maharishi Ayurveda- authentic Ayurveda- it is the most complete system of healthcare, traditional, time tested, and life changing. Gain complete knowledge of health to repair mistakes in your bodies functioning at the level of DNA-enliven your bodies natural healing mechanisms and enjoy perfect health.


  • Introductory Talks on Transcendental Meditation at our centers or in your business, club or conference.
  • Learn to Meditate TM Course
  • Maharishi Ayurveda Health Education Consultations, Short Courses and Talks
  • Our lifetime ongoing support and knowledge program

Learn Transcendental Meditation

Come to an Introductory Talk on TM, learn to meditate One on one with a certified Teacher in a 7 step TM Course in Mornington, Mornington or within your business.

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Lifetime Transcendental Meditation Follow up Program

Ongoing follow up, group meditation, Advanced Knowledge meetings and group checking of your TM Technique available in Mornington and Mornington.

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Maharishi Ayurveda Health Consultations

Gain the unique insight and personalised knowledge of this traditional and life-changing health system for yourself.Our Ayurveda Health Consultant has 18 years experience in private practise and specialises in womens and childrens well-being.

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Personal Development Courses for your Business

Develop the full potential of your human resources, clear thinking, open communication, creativity and fulfilling inter personal relationships are the basis of a successful team. Upgrade the mental functioning of your most precious resource-your mental potential with Transcendental Meditation and overcome years of bad habits with health education in Ayurveda, enjoy success without stress.

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Suzanne Edwards

Suzanne Edwards

Certified Transcendental Meditation Teacher with 20 years experience. Consultant in Ayurvedic medicine with 18 years private practise experience. Director of Mornington Meditation Center since 2010. Founder of Mornington Centre in 2013.

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Jan Charlwood

Jan Charlwood

Manager Hastings Coherence Centre-runs group meditation in Hastings monthly

Certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation
03 5979 3901


Our Skills

Customer satisfaction and personal growth to full potential 99%
Improvements in mental potential after 90 days 85%
Compliance in practice after 5 years 77%
improved Clarity and Peace of Mind 92%
Less cancer 74%
Reduced Heart attacks & stroke 48%
improved Creativity 86%

Why Choose Us?

Get the benefits right from the start

The most effective mediation technique-TM,  is also the most enjoyable and effortless to practice!

TM is Unique it involves no concentration or contemplation, just effortless transcending.

Certified TM Teachers with the knowledge and experience to ensure anyone can learn TM and gain the benefits.

World-wide network of Centers and 60 years experience.

Ongoing free follow up for life.

Anyone can learn TM, its easy and natural




Watch the video on kids with ADHD -before and after learning TM

No lifestyle , religion or philosophy required

You don’t even have to believe in the benefits of Transcendental Meditation, you can be quite skeptical and it still works, its a natural technique.

Extensive Published Research documenting the benefits

There have been more than 350 studies. Watch the video presentation of published research on TM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD0aAKqVxkk

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