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You can learn TM in our Meditation Courses in Mt Eliza, Mornington and Ringwood, Australia

Transcendental Meditation is taught by personal instruction, in a 7 step structured course.

The first step is to attend an Introductory Talk-you can select the location and session that suits you and book in now.

TM Courses are held either on Weekends and evenings or during the week schedules. The course runs over 4 consecutive days by personal appointment 1 1/2hrs each session with another session a week later. Then 40mins once a month during the next 4 months.

TM is taught by personal instruction one on one on the first day eg Saturday. The Course continues with 3 x 90 min sessions on the following 3 consecutive days ie. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
These 4 sessions plus a 10 day session make up the instruction phase of learning TM. After these 5 sessions ongoing group meditation, advanced meetings and checking of your TM Technique is included and reciprocal at any centre world-wide.

The first step to starting a course is to come to the Introductory Talk.

Introductory Talks on TM are held several times each week at our rooms at 24 Serenity Way in Mornington, Vic 3931, and 22 Wantirna Rd Ringwood just near Canterbury Rd 400 meters from Ringwood station and the M1 motorway. You can book in online thru our homepage contact box which will display up to date Intro Talk times for the coming period. Or make a time for a Talk by appointment. Talks are also held at 90-100 Canadian bay Rd Mount Eliza and Dingley Village. We will be happy to talk to private groups or business groups.

Cant see a time that works? Please call the centre on 0359762577 or 0488762577 we will be happy to schedule a time that suits

This is the most popular myth resolved at our Talks– it’s so hard to clear my mind of thoughts!

You don’t have to clear your mind of thoughts to successfully practice the Transcendental Meditation technique. There’s no mind control involved, no concentrating against thoughts or anything else. The TM technique is a different kind of practice all together. It’s simple, effortless, and totally natural.

It’s not just sitting and watching your thoughts, either. Nor is it a process of contemplation or trying to gain insight. You simply practice the technique as instructed and it pretty much just goes along by itself, allowing the mind to automatically settle inward to quieter and quieter levels, until you transcend (or go beyond) even the faintest impulses of the thinking process and arrive at the deepest, innermost field of your own awareness—a peaceful, expansive state of restful alertness.

But it’s during your daily activity that you really enjoy the benefits of being a meditator. You become more aware in life — everyday growing in comprehension, clarity and inner happiness, unfolding deeper values of your potential as a human being.

Come to a free TM Introduction to get answers to all your questions
What is “transcending?”
So I don’t have to follow a guru or spiritual teaching?
What if I’m just not a “joiner?”
Who was Maharishi—what is his role in TM?
Is TM just another form of meditation?
Will other practices give the same results?
How is Transcendental Meditation different from mindfulness?
What is brain wave coherence?
Why pay for TM when I can learn meditation for free?
Why does it cost money, anyway?
How can you put a price on Transcendental Meditation?
Why is 20 minutes so effective?

If you are an existing TM Meditator and would like to come to our Group Meditation, Meditation Checking or Advanced Knowledge Meetings see Advanced Meditators Programs
This includes Courses on Vedic Science, the TM-Sidhi program, Co-herence Creating Days, in Residence Meditation Weekends, the Advanced Meditators Programs pages lists these courses and details.

Group Meditation/Checking of your TM Technique is available by appointment.
Group Meditation is held 1st  Saturday of the month at 10am
Group Checking of TM & Knowledge Meetings in Mount Eliza on 1st Sat of th month following Group Meditation see your newsletter or email us your request to subscribe to newsletters to keep informed.



For more information go to the main site pages listed above, then talk to a certified Meditation Teacher at the Mornington Meditation Center.

TM Courses Start in Mount Martha and Ringwood twice a month  and at Mornington three times each month. The first step to learning TM is to find out more about it by attending one of our free Introductory Talks.
Do you have one hour to discover how everything can change?

he first step to learning Transcendental Mediation is to simply attend a free 1 hour introductory talk at our Centres. Select your preferred location and session below to reserve a place, oh and feel free to invite a friend! Submit your info and we will email you a confirmation with all the details. We are located at 24 Serenity Way Mornington and 90-100 Canadian Bay Rd Mount Eliza, 22 Wantirna Rd Ringwood and NEW Mentone location 29 Venice St Mentone 3134 (Cnr Mentone Pde)

Book your Free 1 hour TM Introduction to Meditation

If you cant see a time that suits please send us a message and we will schedule a time with you.

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