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“Transcendental Meditation makes me very happy. I feel happy inside when I meditate and I feel happy when I am done meditating.”
– Meena, age 12

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ADHD Treatment Mornington, Australia


The Transcendental Meditation Program for children and students.

Many hundreds of thousands of children world-wide have learnt Transcendental Meditation over the past 50 years. Children as young as 10 years can learn TM. It’s a completely natural and effortless technique, so they have no difficulty at all. While children from four years up learn a special child walking technique. Our teachers are specially trained to deliver the TM Program to children in an engaging and meaningful way. Our personal experience is they take to Transcendental Meditation ‘like ducks to water’, it’s such a simple, natural technique, and they use it independently.

A study conducted by the University of Michigan found that children with ADHD who learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique had dramatic reductions in stress, anxiety and depression, while organizational memory and strategizing skills were significantly improved. This program has been implemented in schools over the last 35 years in the U.S., U.K., Australia, India, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. More than 200,000 students currently practise TM through our Quiet Time Program world wide.

The Transcendental Meditation program is a powerful and innovative new educational tool for systematicaly dissolving stress and developing the inner potential of students and teachers.

The alarming rise of classroom stress fuels widespread problems in education, including poor academic achievement, anxiety, depression, school violence, and teacher burnout.

To help neutralize this stress and to improve academic performance, many schools are offering training in the Transcendental Meditation technique to their students and staff. The technique is practised in a ‘Quiet Time’ period of 10 to 15 minutes at the beginning and end of each school day.

Extensive research published in peer reviewed journals has shown that this program strengthens the physiological and cognitive foundations of learning. During the practice of Transcendental Meditation, global brain coherence or connectedness increases. This increase in coherence is highly correlated with increased IQ, problem solving ability, emotional maturity, moral reasoning, reflex time and recovery from stress.
Benefits for students and teachers

Education today places emphasis on the subjects that students study, without systematically developing the qualities students need not only for success in school, but for success throughout life: alertness, intelligence, creativity, energy, confidence and happiness. These qualities naturally develop through Transcendental Meditation as the students experience the inner field of their own total potential and express it in daily life. As a result, students enjoy increasing success in every aspect of their home and school life and a sense of expanding possibilities for what they can achieve.

It has been found that when the majority of students in a school are practising Transcendental Meditation, the whole school atmosphere becomes increasingly harmonious, calm, focused, and positive – an ideal atmosphere for learning and growing.

This program has been successfully introduced in many schools around the world where very favourable outcomes have been documented for both students and staff. For more watch these videos;

ADHD :Medication and Transcendental Meditation kids

and educators speak on their experiences (5.49mins)

ADHD: Meditation not Medication (7 mins)

Quiet Time - Transcendental Meditation Program for students

Learning readiness is at the core of any comprehensive program for raising student performance. By developing the full brain, reducing the acute stresses that undermine learning and health, and improving the overall environment of the schools, the Quiet Time Program is a practical, highly effective approach to promoting learning readiness among students and thereby markedly improving their academic performance and success in life. Your child can benefit from this program with the support of family now or by whole school implementation.
The Quiet Time Program with the Transcendental Meditation
The Australian Committee for Stress-Free Schools was established to bring the Quiet Time/Transcendental Meditation program to students and teachers in public and private schools throughout Australia, arrange Meditation Teachers for meditation classes, and to help generate funds for schools in Australia to implement the Transcendental Meditation program for their students. Having a stress free nervous system where the child is developing the total potential of their brain, means a child growing to their full potential, enlightenment. This network supports schools to implement the Quiet time Program and deliver education that develops the full potential of every student.
Watch these videos
Are All Meditations the Same?4.26mins

Scientists Discuss Epidemic of Stress in Students 3mins


Research Findings

Studies published in major journals show TM provides practical benefits for students
Benefits include:
increased happiness
improved health
increased learning ability
improved memory
increased intelligence & creativity
improved academic performance
increased problem solving ability
increased self-esteem & confidence
improved mind-body coordination
reduced substance abuse
improved behaviour
increased tolerance

Solutions to:
emotional disorders
examination anxiety
substance abuse
anger and frustration
violence, bullying and other anti-social behaviour
learning disorders
ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder)
shyness and lack of confidence
poor academic achievement
health problems
poor coping skills

It has been found that when the majority of students in a school are practising Transcendental Meditation, the whole school atmosphere becomes increasingly harmonious, calm, focused, and positive – an ideal atmosphere for learning and growing.

This program has been successfully introduced in many schools around the world where very favourable outcomes have been documented for both students and staff.

  • Increased I.Q.
  • Improved academic performance
    British Journal of Educational Psychology
  • Decreased anxiety

Journal of Clinical Psychology

  • Reduced substance abuse
    The International Journal of the Addictions
  • Reduced risk factors for hypertension, diabetes, and obesity
    American Medical Association’s Archives of Internal Medicine
  • Increased self-actualization
    Journal of Social Behavior and Personality
  • Significant positive improvements in personality traits
    Perceptual and Motor Skills

Increased use of brain reserves
During the Transcendental Meditation program, early (sensory) components of the brain’s response to somatosensory stimuli are more widely distributed across the cortex, indicating greater participation of the whole brain in the response to a stimulus.
Reference: Human Physiology 25: 171-180, 1999.

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Increased creativity
This study used the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking to measure figural and verbal creativity in a control group and in a group that subsequently learned the Transcendental Meditation technique. On the post-test 5 months later, the Transcendental Meditation group scored significantly higher on figural originality and flexibility and on verbal fluency.
Reference: Journal of Creative Behavior 13:169-190, 1979.

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Frances“As Principal of Maharishi School in Melbourne I continually observe of the benefits of Transcendental Meditation in Education. Our students display receptivity and enthusiasm for learning which together with the growth in creativity and intelligence produces many outstanding results in external competitions and in daily classroom activities. The students are energetic and full of vitality while at the same time maintaining a calm, relaxed disposition. The reduction in stress levels and increased awareness produced by Transcendental Meditation ensues a friendly, harmonious environment. Consciousness-Based Education is the means to produce enlightened individuals – global citizens who are able to fulfil their own goals while at the same time enhancing the welfare of society and the environment.”
– Frances Clarke, B.Ec. with Honours, Dip.Ed., School Principal

TM is taught to children 4-10 years of age in 2 personal sessions one on one on 2 consecutive days. Allow 90 minutes on the 1st day and 30 minutes on the second day, ongoing checking of their technique for 90 days is included, then a small fee maybe charged at the teacher discretion.

Children over 10 years learn in the same format as adults see more info here.

Email your enquiry regarding your children learning TM or specific educational issues to,, or call us to discuss your family or schools needs.

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