Kevin Hearn harnesses creative energy

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Kevin Hearn harnesses creative energy

Hearn currently lives in downtown Toronto. He also spends time at an isolated cottage on a lake where his family spent time when he was a child. When heading into writing mode, Hearn always carries a book in which he jots down passing thoughts as he wanders through the city. He then retreats to the cottage to sift through his many musical mementos and see “what sticks to the wall.” Photo credit:

At any time, you can count on the Canadian musician Kevin Hearn being heavily involved in several different projects.

And he says it’s the Transcendental Meditation practice which helps him keep things running smoothly.

A creative tornado

Hearn admits his constant barrage of creative energy is both ‘a blessing and a curse’.

He is currently the keyboardist of Barenaked Ladies – a rock band which has sold 15 million records and recorded, among other things, the theme of the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory – and fronts his own group, Kevin Hearn and Thin Buckle.

On top of it all, he will launch his fifth solo album, Days in Frames, at the end of November.

As Kevin Hearn recalls, it was a Beach Boys greatest hits record which became his first favourite album and led him to an interest in performing music. Playing keyboards on Lou Reed’s last tour, 2011.

All in all, the man who successfully beat blood cancer 15 years ago, has released more than twenty full-length albums to date.

This kind of relentless inspiration and creativity is not something you can artificially manufacture, but some simple methods can create a supportive environment for it.

Hearn has discovered that eliminating distractions and fostering peaceful relaxation is the key.

Meditation clears the way
for universal truths

Post City Toronto reports:

“Interestingly, David Lynch’s book, Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness and Creativity, has helped Hearn connect with his inner artist through Transcendental Meditation. Since learning to meditate — which he strives to do twice daily — Hearn has found he’s been able to write music with greater ease.

kevin hearn on tm technique meditating creativity

Although he writes based on his own personal experience, as he says it is what he knows best, he has noticed that his writing has changed from pure introspection into an attempt at projecting universal truths.

“Going through certain experiences in life, you start to understand things more deeply. It takes a bit more effort to articulate those things but results in perhaps stronger material, stronger art and stronger statements,” Hearn says.”

Listen to Kevin Hearn performing “Walking in the Midnight Sun“ from his upcoming solo record:

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