Jan, 2016

Remedy for Insomnia

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Less stress = better sleep

Insomnia symptoms include the inability to fall asleep, to stay asleep, to concentrate and function in daily activities. Statistics show that insomnia is a major problem in the Western societies, with as much as 25% of  adults reporting regular occurrences of sleep deprivation. Talking with many people each week interested in the benefits of meditation over the last 20 years I can say at least half state they have difficulty sleeping and that it is stress induced insomnia.sleepless-bad-sleep-cure-home-relief-

I’m also happy to share that improved sleep is the first benefit noticed when you learn TM, Sleep is essential for our well being and TM is a natural technique, our bodies given then deep rest of TM, twice as deep as deep sleep, dissolve stress and tension leaving you ready for a solid nights sleep after 1-2 days TM practice, yes its that fast!

My advise is the “sleepless should also seriously consider taking up regular transcendental meditation practice.” says Suzanne Edwards a certified TM teacher in Melbourne. Suzanne runs free introductory talks on TM several times a week, check out www.learntm.com.au for times near you.


What are people saying about TM and Insomnia?

“Practicing Transcendental Meditation can help you drift away from your internal critic, which is the voice in your head that leaves you anxious and stressed. Moreover, freedom from constant inner-chatter and ramblings can have a profound healing influence on your mind, leaving you deeply rested and relaxed.” — Bridget Webber, helpmetosleep.org

“I notice that even though my sleep patterns are never great (Thank you, Multiple Sclerosis!), when I am meditating regularly I sleep more deeply than when I’m not. The 20 minutes twice a day that I spend meditating result in lasting effects of inner peace, less stress, and truly restful sleep.”
Rennie, former teacher suffering from Multiple Sclerosis induced insomnia

“Meditation, especially Transcendental Meditation, helps one to discard negative thoughts and stress levels by reducing the activation of stress hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. Regular practice of Transcendental Meditation improves the psychological well-being and thereby wipes out the problem of sleep deprivation.” — Health portal LadyCare Health, listing home remedies to fight insomnia

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