Jan, 2016

Reversal of ageing with TM

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Transcend…and grow younger

Transcending is changing our DNA, slowing down the ageing process.

Telomeres are a part of our DNA that is responsible for cell division, but as we grow older they shorten or wear off until cell division stops. This relates to all the symptoms that we commonly associate with the ageing process. (Things just don’t work as well as they used to.) New research published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, has found that regular transcending through Transcendental Meditation practice (TM) appears to reverse this process.

This research showed that drastically changing your lifestyle can also reverse the telomeres decay, but these lifestyle changes included: 4 months of a super healthy diet, drinking a whole lot less alcohol, losing weight, regular exercise and 24 hours of health education classes. Perhaps just 20 min of enjoyable TM practice twice a day sounds easier? This research is just a confirmation of several other studies showing that reducing stress through TM slows down the ageing process. A Harvard University study showed that even people who only learned TM when they were 80 years old still lived 3 years longer than the control group. Of course, better not to wait until you’re 80. Book into a free TM Intro Talk at a location near you here.

No other method has so much scientific evidence to show it can reverse the ageing process.

Transcending is doing something very special to your body and mind. There is a process going on, that is the exact opposite of the ageing process. All 380 studies that were done into Transcendental Meditation are showing this in their own way.

Stress and tension disturbs the normal functioning of the body, it changes the chemical and structural nature of your nervous system, and as the effects of stress accumulate they speed up the ageing process. Transcending deeply rests the system, when the mind transcends thought the body also settles down and gains rest twice as deep as sleep. The deep rest of TM provides the basis for the removal of tensions, fatigue, it unwids the nerve endings relaxes the muscle systems and enliven the intelligence that runs our bodies stored in out DNA. Reducing the everyday ‘wear and tear’ on the system effectively reverses the aging process.

As incredible as this may sound, it can be confirmed quite easily, and this is exactly what happened in the research. Your “biological age” can be measured, it corresponds for most people with the chronological age. Someone who is 40 years old, on average, will also function biologically as someone who is 40 years old. Ref Journal of Behavioral Medicine 15 :327-341, 1992


We can measure objectively whether Transcendental Meditation practitioners are effectively becoming younger and by how much. A study with 84 subjects, with an average age of 40 years, showed that TM practitioners who have practiced the technique for 2.9 years on average, are 5 years biologically younger than the norm. Long term practitioners, who, on average, were using the Transcendental Meditation technique for 7.1 years, were biologically even 12 years younger than their chronological age would predict. Not bad that’s 5 years younger after 7 years practise of TM. Reference: International Journal of Neuroscience 16: 53–58, 1982.

The time we will invest to practice Transcendental Meditation (2 times, 20 minutes per day), will give us a very big return on investment later in life. Not only do we live longer, but also the quality of life will be better.

Can research actually confirm that we live longer? Yes, it seems so. In a study by scientists from Harvard University, a group of elderly people with an average age of 81 was divided into four subgroups, TM, mindfulness, a mental relaxation technique (Relaxation response) and a control group. After three months, significant improvements were already noticed in the TM group, in comparison with the control groups, for both intellectual abilities and blood pressure. TM practitioners just performed a lot better than those practising other techniques (they also reported they found the TM technique more enjoyable.)

But the really big difference was noticed three years later, when the group was re-examined. In the control group, a large portion of the elderly had already died, that was 12% in Mindfulness group and up to 35% for the relaxation technique group. In the TM group, 100% were still alive (p<.00025). And these people have only started with TM when they were 80 years old. So imagine what the impact would be when people start with TM in their youth, and a lot of degeneration could be avoided. Reference: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, vol 57, 1989, pp. 950-964

There are other ways to measure the degree of aging, which is confirming the rejuvenation effects of TM. One can measure the level of a substance in the blood, plasma dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S), of which it is known, that it slowly decreases after the age of 20 years. Higher values of this substance are related to a better health and to a younger biological age.


A US study in collaboration with the Maharishi International University and the City University of New York, the DHEA-S levels of a big group of experienced TM practitioners, 270 men and 153 women, were measured and the results were compared with a control group of 799 men and 453 women who did not practice the TM technique. The TM practitioners had values on the same level as those of control subjects that were 5 to 10 years younger. The result was so significant that it had a p-value of p<.0001 That means you would have to perform this study again 1000 times to get a different result, very significant data.

More effective brain functioning among elderly


Elderly persons who practice the TM technique showed a faster response in the brain to visual stimuli (shorter latency of P300 response) in comparison to a control group of the same age. This type of brain response normally slows down with age, and this finding therefore shows a reversal of the aging process that occurs through the regular practice of the TM program. Ref.Psychopsychology 26:S26 1989.


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