Nov, 2017

Less stress=more stress resistant

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Less stress = more stress resistant A recently published study in Scientific American measured cortisol levels in blood of TM meditators 4 months after learning the practise. And compared blood samples of non meditators while asleep to these TMers while in activity and found the TM practitioners where 14% less stressed in the day than the non meditating group while asleep! Stress creates a vicious circle: More stress creates more stress. Stress is a vicious circle. The more stressed we are, the easier we will gain more stress. Under stress, […]



Oct, 2015

Learn about Meditation and develop a daily practice.

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Meditation is mainstream, we all want the benefits but how to motivate ourselves to keep on doing it everyday? Enjoy this video of an interview with Suzanne Edwards, she has been teaching TM for 20 years in Melbourne. Her insights into the difference between different types of meditation, how meditation works and what it does to your mind, body and behavior give an in depth understanding of the mechanics of the mind body connection.



Oct, 2015

What women worry about most

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A recent study conducted by Jean Hailes Womens Health found Australian women worry most about healthy living, yet women’s heart health is a greater health risk. What women worry about most Weight management, physical activity, ageing, fatigue and diet where our main health concerns. Followed by Cancer, in particular breast cancer (yet we are many times more likely to die of heart disease), skin and ovarian cancer. Mental and emotional health, depression, anxiety, memory, dementia and stress. Cardiovascular disease- heart health, high blood pressure, stroke and cholesterol. Sexual health, particularly […]



Aug, 2015

Learning TM video experience

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  In this fun 5 minute video 4 young people learn Transcendental Meditation or TM,  follow their journey of self discovery, and watch how they change over the weeks. Learn locally with a certified teacher.” Ive taught people from all walks of life, TM is so easy even a child can do it” Suzanne Edwards said, she has been teaching TM for 20 years. Come to a free talk you can book in here www.learntm.com.au.



Dec, 2014

Sean Lennon: TM ’calms my brain down’

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Sean Lennon: TM ’calms my brain down’ Touring the world with his new record, the otherworldly Midnight Sun, Sean Lennon spoke in a recent interview about what daily practice of meditation means to him: “For me, Transcendental Meditation is like a scientific method to calm my brain down and to make my frontal lobe more active. It’s an exercise, really. It helps me to have about 10 per cent more conscious thinking, which is good, because we make a lot of decisions in our subconscious that aren’t always good – […]



Jan, 2014

Do I have to change my lifestyle to get into Ayurveda?

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Don’t change your lifestyle, just change your mind! Let me explain, if not then at least let me entertain you. -Some people come to natural therapies because they like the rules, these rules tell less creative types, people who aren’t in the flow of life and wired for intuition how to cope with life. Problem is these imposed rules then quickly become a strain because you are fighting against your nervous system. Unfortunately strain always results when the mind and body are out of sink. No matter how much you […]

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