Jan, 2014

Do I have to change my lifestyle to get into Ayurveda?

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Don’t change your lifestyle, just change your mind! Let me explain, if not then at least let me entertain you. -Some people come to natural therapies because they like the rules, these rules tell less creative types, people who aren’t in the flow of life and wired for intuition how to cope with life. Problem is these imposed rules then quickly become a strain because you are fighting against your nervous system. Unfortunately strain always results when the mind and body are out of sink. No matter how much you […]



Jan, 2014

Antioxidants & Ayurvedic Herbal Food Supplements for Radiant Skin

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The Secrets to Great Skin series Tip 2 USE THE POWER OF NATURES INTELLIGENCE Antioxidants and unique herbal food supplements. -Youthful skin You can achieve it and they are the aptly named Mspa Youthful Skin products, i haven’t used anything else for 15 years and hoard a supply to ensure i don’t run out. Previously i had used ‘natural organic’ local Brands thinking i was doing as well as i could, once i used real natural products made from the base up with potent Ayurvedic herbals, well the contrast was […]

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