Jan, 2016

Meditation is misunderstood

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Meditation. The word is everywhere, many people misuse it and most misunderstand it. Folks think that it’s an activity. Yet, in order to meditate effectively, it has to be exactly the opposite of activity. The purpose of meditation is to reduce mental activity, do this and the mind comes ‘online’, it becomes orderly, settled and silent. As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said, “Do Less and Accomplish More” To understand meditation and why it has a well-deserved reputation for promoting physical health, longevity, clear thinking and peace of mind, it helps to […]



Oct, 2015

What women worry about most

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A recent study conducted by Jean Hailes Womens Health found Australian women worry most about healthy living, yet women’s heart health is a greater health risk. What women worry about most Weight management, physical activity, ageing, fatigue and diet where our main health concerns. Followed by Cancer, in particular breast cancer (yet we are many times more likely to die of heart disease), skin and ovarian cancer. Mental and emotional health, depression, anxiety, memory, dementia and stress. Cardiovascular disease- heart health, high blood pressure, stroke and cholesterol. Sexual health, particularly […]

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