Nov, 2017

Less stress=more stress resistant

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Less stress = more stress resistant A recently published study in Scientific American measured cortisol levels in blood of TM meditators 4 months after learning the practise. And compared blood samples of non meditators while asleep to these TMers while in activity and found the TM practitioners where 14% less stressed in the day than the non meditating group while asleep! Stress creates a vicious circle: More stress creates more stress. Stress is a vicious circle. The more stressed we are, the easier we will gain more stress. Under stress, […]



Jan, 2016

Remedy for Insomnia

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Less stress = better sleep Insomnia symptoms include the inability to fall asleep, to stay asleep, to concentrate and function in daily activities. Statistics show that insomnia is a major problem in the Western societies, with as much as 25% of ¬†adults reporting regular occurrences of sleep deprivation. Talking with many people each week interested in the benefits of meditation over the last 20 years I can say at least half state they have difficulty sleeping and that it is stress induced insomnia. I’m also happy to share that improved […]



Sep, 2015

Making Students Happier, More Self-Confident, And Less Anxious

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Support your kids learning so they can become their best and fulfill their full potential. Transcendental Meditation is unique, even a child can do it. TM reduces stress and improves learning ability. Children have to be in a calm brain state and emotionally ready to learn before education can have a lasting effect. Exam time generally means stress, pressure, sleep deficit increases and brain integration decreases as a result, the oppose of what your child needs to be their best in exams. TM is simple, natural, portable and effortless, a […]

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