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As a company director I got really busy, and very tired. In the beginning, I was working day and night, literally and pretty much burnt myself out. I learnt TM 2 years ago from Suzanne at Mornington Meditation. I like to keep up with the latest trends, so when l learnt that the celebs like Russell Brand, Oprah, Hugh Jackman and the optimum of all coolness, Clint Eastwood, did it, l figured I wanted to see what it was about!

TM is the single most amazing thing anyone can do to transform their lives into a more relaxed, positive one. There’s no religion or conspiracy theories in TM. It is simply taking 20mins a day to keep you in tip top shape, mentally, and helps you be the most awesome you, that you can be. I spend longer than that thinking about what to wear!….and l find that no matter how busy I am, there is always time for some TM to make sure I stay focused, calm and collected. The time I put in I get back multiplied by increased efficiency and clarity thanks to my TM.

Paulitta – Nov 2016- Learnt TM 2 years ago and loving it!

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