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I seriously cannot believe the immediate feeling of positivity doing TM has instilled in me… tranquility, mind opening, smarter thinking, planning. TM gave me the skills to multitask in a positive direction in my business and my relationships have become happier and more peaceful  since doing the TM course….
I had been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a horrible auto immune condition, A.K.A Bamboo spine where your vertebraes have bone grow through them, reducing flexibility and eventually crippling the sufferer after years of relentless and excruciating constant pain.
I was diagnosed with this disease and after 9 yrs under the most respected Dr in this field in Australia and 18 months of a terrible self administered TFN blocker injection, at a cost of $1788 per month !!!
Besides tests showing a massive drop in inflammation levels, I felt no better, was in constant pain, bent over,  depressed and basically getting old at a very fast rate…..
UNTIL…I attended the Mornington Meditation Centre TM info session and immediately signed up and began this life changing TM  5 days later…
Since the day after I learnt TM I have had no pain, 8 weeks in still no pain and my posture has improved amazingly, my muscles are building up and I have a new zest for life!!!
I stopped taking my monthly self administered pain injection medication…and through TM and Suzannes’ wonderful guidance, feel better than have for 25 yrs…!!!!
Cannot recommend this course more highly
Many Thanks, Peter C of Mount Eliza, Nov 2016

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