TM Course structure and fees

How much does it cost to learn TM or Transcendental Meditation?

Transcendental Meditation® (TM) is a simple, natural, effortless mental technique practiced 15-20 minutes twice daily while sitting comfortably with eyes closed. It is unique among techniques of meditation, distinguished by its effortlessness, naturalness and profound effectiveness.

The TM technique allows your mind to settle inward, beyond thought, to experience the silent reservoir of energy, creativity and intelligence found within everyone – a natural state of restful alertness. During the practice, your brain functions with significantly greater coherence and your body gains deep rest.

TM is taught by personal instruction, it’s a lifeskill you learn to meditate properly with an accredited teacher and enjoy the benefits independently.

You attend 4 sessions in the first week and a 5th a week later, after this you will have all the knowledge and experience to meditate independently and get all the benefits.

Then checking of your TM, 1 hour once a month for 5 months, to ensure you dont fall into bad habits and are practising most effectively.

Ongoing group meditation, advanced knowledge meetings and follow up for life world-wide is included.

 You can select a location and TM Course and book online


Phase One:
Step 1 ,2 &3 : 60 minutes TM Introductory Talk: Get all your meditation questions answered by a TM Teacher with decades of experience. Understand the mechanics of the technique-how it works, why it’s easy to learn and effortless to practice, how it differs from other forms of meditation, and the origins of the technique.
Personal Interview: A brief private meeting with a qualified TM teacher, following the Intro talk.

Book your TM Course-$100 deposit required

Four days of Instruction-over four consecutive days 90 mins each day.
Step 4: Personal Instruction: One on one instruction in the TM Technique with a qualified teacher (75mins)
Step 5 : First Day of Checking: Verifying the correctness of practice and further instruction.(1 1/2hrs)
Step 6: Second Day of Checking: Understanding the mechanics of the TM Technique based on personal experiences (1 1/2hrs)
Step 7: Third Day of Checking: Understanding higher states of consciousness

Phase 2: The 16 week follow-up program
10 Day Check: Further knowledge and  checking of the practice (1 1/2hrs)
Once you have completed these steps you have all the knowledge and experience to meditate effectively and get the benefits independent of attending classes or being in a group. Next comes a series of important weekly and monthly personal checking sessions (30mins) to ensure that you are meditating properly and gaining the benefits. These classes will be scheduled at your convenience over the first several months of practice.

Phase 3:Free Lifetime Program
As a TM meditation course graduate, you are eligible for lifetime follow-up at any Transcendental Meditation learning centre worldwide. This includes checking of your meditation, Advanced Lectures, special events, group meditations and celebrations.
Remember anyone over 10 years can learn the practice (There’s a special technique for children under 10)

What does it cost for the five-month Transcendental Meditation course?

Your course tuition covers the following:
-Initial 7-steps of instruction when you first learn how to practice the TM technique.
-A 16-week follow-up program of individual and group meetings offered at your convenience.
-A lifetime of additional, follow-up advanced knowledge meetings and free worldwide group meditation.
Adult course fee $100 deposit when booking, then $350 a month  x 4 monthly instalments=$1500

There are special rates for part time employment and low income earners that may apply to you, chat to a teacher at your intro talk.

Full-time students/Pensioners Concession, $100 deposit, then $162.50 x 4 monthly instalments =$750 total for instruction and lifetime followup and group meditation.
Family course fee for couples who learn together, $100 deposit per adult then $537.50 upon instruction, then $537.50 monthly for two further months=$2250 includes 2 adults and 2 children.
Children 10 to 18 years $440
Children 4- 10 years $330
Course fees include GST. Payment plans are available,

The Transcendental Meditation Program is taught by a non-profit educational organization whose sole purpose is to bring the benefits of TM to as many people as possible, including at-risk populations in Australia and around the world. In wealthier countries, part of the course fee supports programs in developing nations. For example, our University and business school in Cambodia, over 10,000 school children in impoverished conditions around Johannesburg, Sth Africa and over 100,000 in Mexico recently learned TM.

See for more great work this world wide organisation is doing with kids!
Also watch a moving real life story of how TM can transform lives from within:

-getting results for impoverished children ‘ Saving the Disposable Ones’

-TM for PTSD-Operation Warrior Wellness and post traumatic stress disorder.

-TM in schools, prisons, rehabilitation and homeless centres. Video:David Lynch Foundation: Changing Lives With Meditation


Why does it cost money to learn TM?

To learn Transcendental Meditation properly you need a qualified teacher and a thorough, personalized course of instruction. This ensures that every person, regardless of their learning ability, culture, age or background can learn to meditate properly, and, thereby experience the many important benefits that come from the experience of the correct practice of meditation.

Providing you with a proper educational experience necessitates certain expenses, including compensating the professional instructors who teach the technique, and paying for teaching facilities. The tuition helps our nonprofit organization cover those expenses.

Good education is an investment, and learning a reliable method to develop your consciousness is one of the best investments you can make.

As with other educational organizations, we do our best to offer financial aid to those with demonstrated need. Over the past five years full scholarships have been given to more than 600,000 at-risk students and others.

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  1. James Perks

    Hi, I learned TM in Brisbane last year with John Cogger. I have recently relocated to Melbourne and staying on the peninsula. I’m just wondering if you have any regular group meditations?


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