TM vs Mindfulness meditation

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New research shows TM is twice to five times more effective than Mindfulness meditation.
decreased PTSD compared to mindfulness research decreased blood pressure psychological variables comparison
Recent research indicates that compared to Mindfulness TM is many times more beneficial as it allows the mind to effortlessly transcend the thinking layers of the mind, unlike other techniques which involve concentration, contemplation and effort.

TM vs Mindfulness research
Mindfulness came to the West from Buddhism, but in the East more than 3000 Buddhist monks, in 100 monasteries across Asia recently learned the TM technique. They discovered that mindfulness is not an experience one has to try to reach through trying to be mindful of your thoughts or various exercises, but is the natural consequence of the experience of transcending. Through the TM technique, this experience is reached automatically, in a natural way, without effort or concentration.

And our clients agree
After the first day of learning Transcendental Meditation, I felt a shift. I felt more peaceful, centred and less anxious. Intuitively, I knew this was what I had been looking for after trying other meditation techniques which seemed to have little effect. Suzanne is a beautiful teacher, with a wealth of knowledge and I’ll be recommending her to all my friends. TM is a tool for life.

thanks again,
Cindy, July 2015

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