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The Transcendental Meditation Centre in Mornington is your link to the full range of Maharishi Vedic Science programs.
Originating from the Vedic knowledge of ancient India, Vedic means literally pure knowledge. Maharishi Vedic education programs offer Consciousness-Based solutions which create better health, increase prosperity and good fortune in life. These programs increase self growth and self actualization towards the state of enlightenment. Knowledge and experience are the steps of growth and once you are experiencing transcending deeper knowledge of many aspects of life and their interconnectedness is very rewarding.

What Is Vedic Architecture?

Maharishi Sthapatya Ved™ architecture is design in harmony with Natural Law that utilizes right proportion, right orientation and right direction to create buildings that promote better health, harmonious relationships, and good fortune for everyone. It uses precise mathematical formulas, equations, and proportions to design homes and offices in perfect harmony with Natural Law.

People who live and work in buildings designed according to Maharishi Sthapatya Ved architecture find that they think more clearly and creatively, make better decisions, feel happier and healthier, feel more alert and refreshed throughout the day, enjoy more restful and refreshing sleep, enjoy more energy and less fatigue, experience less stress and greater peace of mind. Modern stress management programs do not take these influences into account, and thus cannot provide a means to eliminate the stress caused by living and working in a building not in accord with Natural Law.
Suzanne Edwards is a trained Vastu Co-ordinator with many years personal experience building and living in Sthapatuveda Architecture. She can help you with site evaluations and selection. Home design portfolios, project management and access to our expert architects.
Contact Suzanne directly for more information on 0488 762577.

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Vedic Agriculture

What Is Vedic Agriculture?

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture™ uses ancient Vedic technologies to provide healthful and life-enriching food that nourishes mind, body and consciousness. The health of your body is a reflection of the quality of food you provide it. Food grown with artificial chemicals can put a strain on your body and cause poor health. These chemicals are also toxic to the environment. For these reasons, organically grown food is better. Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is better yet – it uses Vedic technologies to enliven the intelligence and vitality within the plant itself, to provide the most nourishing, healthful, and life-enriching food available anywhere.

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute is among the first organic certification organizations to receive accreditation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture under the new National Organic Program. The Institute has also received ISO 65 accreditation from the USDA and has become a member of IFOAM. These combined accreditations allow the Institute to offer the highest-quality organic certification for nearly every country in the world. A farm producing high quality honey and using the techniques of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture operates in South Australia.

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What Is Vedic Astrology?

According to the Maharishi Vedic Astrology program, also called the Maharishi Jyotish™ program, prediction of future events is possible because the same orderly and sequential Laws of Nature which govern the evolution of the universe also govern the life of the individual. By knowing any one point in the sequence, such as the time and place of birth, an expert can mathematically calculate forward and backward in time. Knowing future trends can help us make better decisions in life.

The Maharishi Vedic Astrology program offers valuable predictive insights concerning tendencies in all areas of our life – health, partnerships, finances, education, career, and family relationships. Services also include analysis of compatibility between two or more persons, and selection of a favourable moment to begin an undertaking. It also offers the Maharishi Yagya Program, which is able to neutralize the negative effects of past actions and also bring added strength to positive periods in our life. This way future negative trends can be improved, and future positive trends enhanced.

Contact the Centre on 03 5976 2577 for more information.

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What Is Vedic Music?

Maharishi Gandharva Veda™ enlivens the awareness of the listener and creates a harmonious, peaceful influence in the environment. Scientists tell us that the most fundamental level of the universe is a field of vibrations, or frequencies. Thousands of years ago in India, Gandharva Veda sages were able to fathom the fundamental frequencies and rhythms of Nature and mirror them them through Vedic Music. This beautiful tradition has been passed down for generations from teacher to student and is now available throughout the world.

Maharishi Gandharva Veda music is a powerful tool for creating balance and harmony in the listener and peace in the world. It is based on melodies called Ragas. Each Raga replicates the qualities of Nature at different times of day and night. Specific Ragas are played to restore balance in Nature for that time of day. A wide selection of Ragas is available on audiotape and compact disk from all Centres.

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Please email or phone the Mornington Centre during business hours on 03 5976 2577 for information and access to any of these programs.

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