Oct, 2015

What women worry about most

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A recent study conducted by Jean Hailes Womens Health found Australian women worry most about healthy living, yet women’s heart health is a greater health risk.

What women worry about most

  1. Weight management, physical activity, ageing, fatigue and diet where our main health concerns.
  2. Followed by Cancer, in particular breast cancer (yet we are many times more likely to die of heart disease), skin and ovarian cancer.
  3. Mental and emotional health, depression, anxiety, memory, dementia and stress.
  4. Cardiovascular disease- heart health, high blood pressure, stroke and cholesterol.
  5. Sexual health, particularly painful sex.

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As a meditation coach I find this list fascinating, the body of growing research on the benefits of Transcendental Meditation reads very closely to the above……

1. One year of TM practice reverses your bodies age by 5 years!  (International Journal of Neuroscience 16 53-58 1982)

2. Health insurance giant Blue Cross Blue Shield found members who practised TM where 74% less likely to develop cancers.

3. TM is twice as effective as contemplation and concentration techniques in reducing anxiety.  (Journal og Clinical Psychology 45 (6)957-974)

4. Cardiovascular patients who learnt TM were 48% less likely to have a heart attack or stroke in the next 5 years. (International Journal of Neuroscience 16 53-58 1982)

5. TM practitioners have deeper more meaningful relationships and are more fertile



If sitting comfortably on the couch with eyes closed doing an easy, effortless, pleasant mental technique could alleviate us of even one of these concerns, why aren’t we all taking up that option?

meditation classes MlebourneDo we believe meditation is too difficult, requires focus and skill?

Meditation is easy, so easy a child can do it, watch this video of Cameron Dias. In this interview Cameron Diaz describes how she tried different meditation techniques without success, and concluded that she’s incapable of meditating…until she learned TM and found it was the “easiest thing she had ever done”. True meditation is easy, anyone can learn.

Instead of dealing with problems on the level of the problem, be smart and practical and bring in a new element, a new skill to develop your full potential, dissolve the chemical side effects of stress and increase your inner happiness to bliss level!

Watch the video then come along to a free introduction to TM, you can book into your session here.


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